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It's All Memoir

Consider a moment when something occurred that resulted in sudden insight: Perhaps on a journey to another country, or at the passing of someone dear

to you; it could even be an ordinary day when you noticed and appreciated a particular moment. We

will dial into that moment to try to understand what it means. This will be the entryway into your memoir.


First, we will meet in the McMahon Gallery, where Irene Delka McCray will discuss the exhibition From Me in Her to Her in Me which portrays her mother’s end-of-life journey and memory loss in oil paintings. Then, we will move to the Vandeveer Room to write. On the way to our own memoirs, we will discuss examples by well-known authors, and write our own memory pieces. Poetry, prose, and creative nonfiction are all possible forms for your story. Or invent your own way with words. We will look at a particular moment that conveys something meaningful that we wish to share with others.


at The Dairy Arts Center, Boulder, CO

Saturday, November 18th from 1-3:30 p.m.

• Limited to 20 writers •

2 1/2 hrs  $20 includes handouts



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